• Homework Strategies to Help Your Child
    It’s important for children to have a schedule for children in helping to get homework done with the fewest possible frustrations for both you and your child.  Homework expectations will become just one more part of their and your busy lives.
    Homework strategies to help your child stay on track:

    1. Plan study time with a schedule. See what needs to be accomplished in the next day, week, and month.  Be realistic when estimating the time it will take to complete an assignment or project.
    2. Prioritize with a to-do list.   Write out a to do list each day. It should include homework assignments, activities, chores, and plans with friends.
    3. Organize each day.  Make sure backpacks are packed with the appropriate books, binders and school supplies. Use one binder for each subject, with two labeled sections: one for work to be finished and one for completed work.
    4 . Set up a positive workspace to facilitate good study habits with good lighting, a clutter-free table top, and a comfortable chair. There should be little or no noise and no instant messaging, phone calls, text messages, television, or electronic games.
    5. Encourage your child to talk with his teacher and to ask questions when he doesn’t understand something or needs help with classwork or homework. Rehearse with your child what to say when he or she needs help.