• 4 Tips to Prepare Your Child for the School Year
    Preparing your child for back to school is not easy for anyone. But it more challenging if they have special needs. Hope these tips help ease your child’s anxiety and stress.
    1. Use a Calendar
    A visual schedule helps prepare them for the next day or the next big event for the month.
    2. Introduce a Social Story
    Social stories are wonderful for children on the spectrum or anyone who has anxiety and emotional problems. They are short, written and verbal descriptions of certain events that prepares children for what they are about to do.
    3.  Get Familiar with the School and Classroom
    If possible visit the classroom before school starts to meet his teacher. Walk the halls with them.  Introduce them to the bus driver and check out the bus.
    4. Practice Makes Perfect
    If the morning routine will be different when school start, practice as soon as possible.
    Think about whatever you can do to get your individual child ready for school environment and do it. Remember, your child cansense your tensions so keep cool.

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