• Help your child get organized. Make sure homework supplies are available. Avoid the “Mom, where’s a pencil?”
  • Have a place where your child is comfortable working. It doesn’t have to be sitting at the kitchen table. It may be under the table. Be creative and flexible.
  • Have a homework schedule every day and stick to it if at all possible. No assignments? Involve your child in a reading activity.
  • Help your child transition from playing or a fun activity to settling down to work.
  • Help you child focus on one assignment at a time. Put other papers and books away. It may help to relieve anxiety to not be reminded of what he or she still has to do
  • Be a good role model. While your child is doing her homework, do yours…pay bills, catch up on mail,
  • Keep a positive attitude and it may rub off on your child.
  • Reward your child.
  • Your child’s homework is her responsibility.
  • Are there tears and angry words? Don’t let homework problems interfere with your relationship with your child.
  • Know when to say “STOP” and when to speak to the teacher
  • Look at the homework folder of graded assignments and give honest praise.


ASCF offers a great Homework Workshop. Give us a call and we will put you on the list for the next one.