Helping Your Child Develop Language


Language skills develop long before a child enters school. Help
maximize the early years by doing all you can to encourage
language learning
Look at simple picture books with your young child and point to
objects and ask “what are they?” Then show him what they are in
real life. “This is a picture of a truck like the one parked across
the street.”
If your child asks what something is, give a little more
information than just the name. You might say< “This is a picture
of a bird like the one flying in the sky.”
Talk to your child even when they are too young to speak. Speak
slowly in short sentences to give them a chance to digest what
you are saying. They may “talk” in what sounds like gibberish that
will eventually be words.
Help him understand the purpose and power of language. If you
jump up to give him the juice when he points to it, he won’t see
the need to say “Juice please”.
Give him choices. “Do you want to wear the red shirt or the blue
Avoid baby talk. It may seem cute to you now, but the other kids
will tease him later on
Don’t constantly correct his pronunciation. If you have concerns
that he may not have age appropriate language skills, have it
checked out. It’s far better to get help early on before bad
habits develop or frustration leads to behavior problems