Help Your Child Cope with Stress

Help Your Child Cope with Stress 

How yhugging-child-laughing.jpgou can help your child better deal with stress:
Work to identify the cause of your child’s stress.  Develop a plan together to handle the problem. Empathize with your child by ”walking in his/her shoes.”
Action Plan for Reducing Your Child’s Stress

1. Work to maintain a consistent, loving, stable, home environment.

2. Teach your child to communicate his/her feelings and fears.

3. Help your child identify the 5 W’s of his or her stress: the what, why, when, where and who.

4. Explain how one can cope with those stresses.

5. Encourage your child to learn stress reduction techniques.

6. Work together-parent and child-to reduce stress in both your lives. If stress persists, seek professional help.