Five ways to keep your child learning over school break.

Five ways to keep your child learning over school break.

This sounds like a great idea. It’s easier for our kids to get out of and back into school if they keep up some sort of a routine in between. Ideas:

  1. Play school.

Maybe your child would enjoy being the teacher for a change.

2. Use school tools.

Being able to play those at home can be exciting for kids, who now get to show off what they can do for a new audience. It will be interesting for you, too, to see what level your child achieves on these.

3. Turn baking into a math lesson.

It’s more like a game than a lesson, and there’s something yummy at the end of it.

4. Play some games.

Try Candyland or Uno, counting with games that move you around the board, math with dice or card games, spatial awareness with jigsaw puzzles, and turn-taking with pretty much everything.

5. Plant your child in front of the TV.

Why are the characters doing what they’re doing? How does your child think they feel about it? What would he or she do in that situation? Ask your child to describe the characters to you, and the situation the program is based on.

Written on 12/26/16 by: Terri Mauro

Terri Mauro is the blog manager for Friendship Circle. She was previously the guide to Parenting Special Needs, and is the author of 50 Ways to Support Your Child’s Special Education and The Everything Parents Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder. You can read more of her work on her website Mothers With Attitude and listen to her every weekday on the Parenting Roundabout Podcast. Terri has two children with special needs adopted from Russia in 1994

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